lxMusic is my personal, home-grown audio player for MP3, AAC and WAV files on Linux/Gtk

I use it all the time to play (and slice) radio podcasts from Couleur3 and Ibiza Sonica, as well as my large music collection. At this point it's not meant to be used by anyone other than myself... although I'm mulling turning it into a consumer audio player / sequencer for iOS.


If video doesn't start in your browser download these: mp4 file webm file ogg file

Recorded on a puny Dell XPS-13 ultraslim laptop, 32-bit floats @ 44.1 kHz w/ 5 ms latency, post-downsampled to 22050 Hz for the screencast, over a hackish D/A->A/D null-loop USB 1 Roland interface. There's a screencast-related a/v shift; less noticeable on the mp4 than ogv/webm.

Differentiators thumb-1
Audio Engine
Human Interface



email me for the source code and any questions.

i.e. [my first name] at [this domain]

- some icons use placeholder art that may be under various licenses