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CDJ2MIDI – turn a CDJ into a MIDI interface

CDJ2MIDI is a software application that works pretty much like Stanton Final Scratch for CDs, except that it doesn’t require an expensive ScratchAmp – it works with any audio-in interface. Nor does CDJ2MIDI require you to purchase any physical timecode vinyl or CD; it will generate the timecode WAV files for you, saving them to your hard drive, and you can then burn them on a CDR. Only 1 audio channel is needed per CDJ, so a simple stereo cable can connect 2 CDJs.


MIDIbots – intelligent music automata

MIDIbots is a "MIDI router" software application; it customizes and extends MIDI-enabled applications. MIDIbots receives incoming MIDI messages (usually directly from hardware interfaces), passes them through small Lua scripts (the "bots"), then sends them out again to a MIDI port (usually to an audio playback software like Ableton Live or Native Instruments’ Traktor).